I am a musician, activist and systemadmin and me and my crew genratio are building up our decentralized autonomous organization to contribute to the futures new world.

Personally its important for me to setup an enviroment to run free my love to music, nature and technics. But depending on actual global situations it is a need to develope strategies and structures for setting up dedicated but compatible ecosystems, because we all need the same ressources like food, medician, space, time and so on.

But definitely the world needs decentralized marketplaces and services with human-, animal- and ecological-friendly conditions.

To realize that, it is important to have a global network that is peer to peer. So third-party only have to be a personal need, but must not be a governance by single persons or centralized institutions.

So, thats why we are developing a framework for DAOs and building up our own to set up an enviroment for working with real world contributions and doing what we love.


Music means an enviroment for me. I understand and reflect the world through making music and listening to.

I produce beats to get my own flavour and mix beats by others to promote my favourite musicians. Depending to my moods I make quick-n-dirtys and hole songs or sets.

My focus is to mix brokenbeats like 2Step with deep subbass for the clean but intense atmosphere with instrumental samples like its done in HipHop and TripHop.


Then I was young I wondered about a lot of things, how the society is dealing with each other. I was not sure – is that realy the world how it works? Very early I began to notice that I dont fit into this centralized and authorized structures.

So I decided to get more and more autonomous to try to build up an alternative society.

So me and consuman realized some opportunites to build up DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organisations) and began to start to contribute to the cryptoworld.


The right tools are crucial. If you know how, the how technical world is open for you. Then I noticed that as a youth, I started setting up webhosting and my first own websites. Very quick it began to be not enough for me and got into dedicated linux server and fall in love. 

More and more I worked for companies setting up servers and networks.

For now I focus combing different great technologies to setup own great workstations and networks like Linux- also Andorid-OS, Networks, Blockchains and Tools.


Everyone needs her or his own free space. But to communicate and get to known each other better is very important to manage these spaces. Respecting emotions and space by other people is a need and must be trained. Human being is not easy, but we all need to deal with it and with eachother.

Humans often obstruct themself and others mostly only because of unexplained emotions depending on social, political or economical situations.

The conventional society is based on different constructions made by the last centurys. We must not forget all the improvments made by great activists in the history, but still we need to improve our society, political and economical structures to get people involved in our growing alternative world, who had not the opportunitys in the past.


The future projects and enterprises will be organized through decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO). More and more communitys build up their own way to contribute to the world.

We as ‚genratio‘ focus on building up DAO-Frameworks to setup dedicated community-plattforms working through modulated community-networks and ecosystems.

We all will develope new compatible standards to connect real human- and animal-friendly project through the hole world.



Breakbeat | Broken Beat | Jungle | Footwork |  Uk Garage | Future Garage | 2Step | Dubstep | HipHop | TripHop | Instrumentals | Lofi | Phonk | Trap | Downtempo | Techno | House | Deep House | Techhouse | GHouse


Every month I pick out one of my favourite genres and release that set at the end of the month. So each month a genre. But ofcourse there will be some sets in between.


Actually this Playlist is filled with recent tunes made with my template I am working on. If this template is ready, the next act of releases would be the official releases.


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