End of Jan

equaliser Bass, Hangout, Moving, Thinking

So this is my Second Set this year. But this Set is a special one.

Its a start of the series „The End of“. Every month I collect different tunes. So I decided to mix the best founds of the monthly set every end of a month.

So this one is for January – The End of Jan.

This one is Dubstep-related.

Genre: Dubstep
Mood: Deep, from thinking to moving with an melancolica end.


00:00 1. Hebbe – Float Yourself
02:10 2. Hebbe – Sword Art
03:39 3. J.Kenzo – Shark Eye
05:08 4. Samba – Malignant Remixes
06:02 5. Fill Spectre – Sun Sneezer
07:10 6. RUFUS! & Surreal – Tonal
09:01 7. RUFUS! – Teckfunk
10:23 8. RUFUS! – I want you
12:26 9. Bisweed – Shelter
15:52 10. Truth & Leon Switch ft. Lelijveld – Silhoutte (Pushloop Remix)
17:56 11. Noclu – Antidote
21:06 12. Rygby – Consolation

Here is the Playlist for single tracks:

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