Christopher Müller


and welcome to my profile-page. It’s just all about me as a real person.

I was working for IT-companies and privately have set up custom operating-systems for desktop, mobile and server. Later I began to be more interested in building community-platforms with dedicated ecosystems.

Now I am more involved into blokchains and DAOs and I am thinking about different strategies to setup microecosystems for dedicated platforms.


System Administration

Linux | Desktop | Server | Network | Mobile | Android

An efficient technical infrastucture is a big need for everyday and longterm applications. The connectivity between workstations, mobile-devices and a global infrastructure is essential.

Bit by bit I learned how to use technics like a modular system.


Ark Ecosytsem | Cardano | Bridgechains | DPoS

This technology opens doors to redesign hole ecosystems. But there are different ideas about managing an own ecosystem. I am focusing on a method to build an dedicated platform but with compatiblity with other ecosystems like you can do it with the Ark-Ecosystem-Blockchain. 


Deployment | Dedicated Ecosystem

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organisations) will play a big part in the future, because more and more people dont believe in conventional centralized institutions. But that is a great thing, because decentralized oragnisations have more flexiility and could be more efficient developed.

My Vision is a DAO-Framework, which deploys DAOs with an Ark-Ecosystem-Bridgechain. So every organisation can customize it by its own needs with all important characteristics for a stable and efficiant infrastructure including a dedicated microecosystem.


Breakbeat | Garage | TripHop | 2Step | Downtempo

I began making music with Dance-, Techno- and House-Music with a simple beatmachine and samplepacks. Later I fall in Love with Rap and HipHop-Music. So I got some HipHop-Instrumentals and startet recording my own rap-songs. But I noticed, that I dont realy focus on the text, I would like to focus more on the beat and the sound, also I started making beats.

Then I was older I began to get on Techno-Partys here in Berlin and began to understand, there are much more sound-design-opportunitys. I noticed, that minimal-sounds can be often very much more then mainstreams-sounds. But the 4-to-the-floor-beat was not enough to me, nevertheless the sounds were great.

So I dreamed about broken beats with techno and house sounds. And voila, an old friend has shown me dubstep and I notice there is much much more various possible and I am not alone.

So broken beats with garage sounds began to be my home.


GUI | Platform-Infrastructure

Very early I was interessted in Design. Firstly car-design. So I have drawn different cars I dreamed of and a bit later I began to draw comics for my own to live in my own fantasy world. I draw a lot. Next to music- and software-stuff I noticed more and more that I want to create my own world and everything have to fit to eachother.

I made some wallpaper with Photoshop and fell in love with the endless world of creativity. When I was a teenager I made my first (unofficial) Albums I ever dreamed of and needed to make digital covers for my music.

Like always, it was definitely not enough. Because I need to host my stuff for the public in the internet and found different pagebuilders with hosting options.

So the time began to make all around packages for with websites, cover and wallpaper for my music. That teached me about designing internet-presence, covers and wallpaper, sound etc.


These Projects help me to find and build a framework for platforms/organizations with an integrated ecosystem. As ‚.equaliser.‘ I move as an user/member onto those plattforms as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), which uses reward-mechanisms. ‚MinimalCITY‘, ‚genratio‘ and ‚diaLEXit‘ are DAO-projects.

  • Musikproduction and -Mixing
  • Geek
  • Design

As .equaliser. I live out my creative site very unconventional and unconform. I like to break standards to get out of the box for new ideas.

As .equaliser. I move as a creator and contributor. So this is public-internet-identity. I make some music, share some moments and founds of creation of other people and geek here and there to find cool technical solutions.

The Homepage ‚equaliser‘ is hosted on ‚MinimalCITY‘ as a profilepage like also the ‚Christopher Müller‘-Homepage does.

  • Networking
  • Social-Media
  • Multimedia

MinimalCITY is a Community-Enterprise-Platform, which allows user to share content depending to the community-rooms. Its a network with different independent topics (a Room). For the public this platform is like a magazine, which bundles various topics. But for its users, its a sharing-ecomomy, thich pays creators and contributors with crypto-currency. 

There is a ecosystem with blockchain technologies in development using a Bridgechain of Ark-Ecosystem. 

  • Projectmanagement
  • Economic and Politic
  • Networking

Genratio is a team that focus on technics to build alternative and indipendent economical platforms and networks.

So we research technics and stratigies concerning Blockchain and DAOs. We also host Meetups to network with people relating to these topics.

  • Society
  • Politics
  • Law

The society needs to get their own draft bills ready for the goverment. But its hard to write paper like a jurist. But ’normal‘ people have good ideas for improving laws. So why is this job only for professionals? People could help eachother, if there´s a platfform for this. 

So we are launching ‚diaLEXit‘ here in germany to let the society work on the own draft bills. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organisation Framework

This framework should help to build/deploy an own DAO with dedicated services and technologies like blockchains and a website for individual projects. This is an global project and everybody is invited to contribute. The goal is to have a modular system to setup an own hostable plattform with integrated ecosystem- and communication-technologies. This selfhosted DAO should be compatible (optional) in a global or local DAO-Network over generic APIs. That means system-building scripts for recommended server-OS and tools, smartcontracts-templates in different programming-languages for various blockchains with VMs.


The ‚DAO Hub‘ is a GUI-Frontend for social-media projectmanagement with the ‚Activity-Reward-Mechanism‘ included. It is very similar to steems ‚‘ and ‚utopian-io‘ but designed for Ark-Ecosystem and its Bridgechains.

Activity Reward Mechanism

This system pays contributors on different plattforms with crypto-currency. Its a smart-contract usind APIs for tracking user-activitys in a project to payout Coins/Tokens directly from a pool to the users wallet.

This Mechanism is a modul for DAO-Framework.