Impress Industdrums

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Helsinkinstrumentals by FatGyver Nuages Records Presents: The Remixes – DJ Krush vs. DJ Shadow by Nuages Records HipHop und TripHop mit echten instrumental gesampleten Drums, mit Stilrichtugn 90er. Helsinkinstrumentals zum Beispiel ist rhythmisch sehr HipHop-Newschool lastig. Lange nichts mehr so unsynthetisches gehört. haha

Raggad SubDubz

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Ivan’s Sound EP [DANK027] by sMILOdon ft. ENiGMA Dubz & Roommate Roots EP by The Widdler & Akcept Bunfire / Power Plant – FP001 by Fused Forces String Up The Sound EP by Dubamine Joker Smoker SP by Dubamine Dub Mentalist by Radikal Guru Dub-Stuy Presents Dubvault Vol.1 (Free Download) by Dub-Stuy Soundboy Prayer SP by Tour De Force Back …

Mr. Moods

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Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods – Time travellers by Mr. Moods Beats for mc's by Mr. Moods Twin Muses – The final rendez-vous by Mr. Moods In love we trust…and we hate (free download) by Mr. Moods Coldest Memories by Lr-60 & Mr. Moods The prototype 68 project by Mr. Moods Mad blunted jazz vol 3 by Mr. Moods Nuages …