End of FEB

equaliser Beats, Hangout, Moving

This month I focused on Phonk – the, I like to call it, ‚Lofi of Trap‘. The great thing about phonk is the combination of trap-drums and -rhythms and lofi-melancolic-kind samples. Like in lofi sometimes different vocals (acapellas) from old rap-songs are mixed in. So the sound and mood is basically very cozy, but becomes slowly more and more for …

90s Hangout

equaliser Beats, Hangout

Travelin by Mr. Käfer Attacking with the smoothness by kunfu U know what time it is 7 Inch/Digital Version by kunfu Next Heap Of Sequences by Hydrogenii Spirit Of The Roots by BubbleWild & Jazzquarterz TwoYearAnniversary by Various Artists