MinimalCITY is a Community-Enterprise-Platform, which allows Users to share and promote own or found projects, Posts, Releases and more as a post. There are no borders. The principe is very simple. There are different ROOMs for the Category Music. One ROOM means each community

The goal is to share content, such as music playlists, that fits to the ROOMs rules and moods.

Recently the Music-Section with three ROOMs is available:

‚BASS (Dubstep, Jungle, DnB, Dub, Halftime, Grime, Footwork)‘
‚BEATS (HipHop, TripHop, Instrumental, LoFi)‘
‚LIQUID (Future Garage, UK Garage, Deep House, DubTechno, Ambient)‘

This page is still in beta. ROOMS for Video, Crypto, Events will be added.


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